Hawes Financial – Springfield Oregon

Project Description

In December, 2008 Hawes Investments in partnership with Advanced Energy Systems activated a 138 KW Solar Electric System. The system utilizes (600) high efficiency SunPower 230 watt modules. The modules are mounted on a custom T-10 racking system that is held to the roof with ballast. The power from the modules is routed through a SatCon 135 KW Inverter before connecting to the grid. The net metering agreement with SUB (Springfield Utility Board) credits Hawes Investments when production is in excess of usage. This is the first large scale PV system that has been approved on the SUB grid system for full net metering at retail rates. Hawes investments planned the solar into the building from the architectural phase. Eric Hall architects designed the system.

The PV System has substantial environmental impacts. Over its lifetime the system will save/offset an equivalent amount of energy as 3,800 tons of CO2, 397,600 gallons of gasoline, or 11,500 trees.

Project Details

Client Hawes Financial Skills Solar Electric

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