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AES Privacy Policy

Advanced Energy Systems, LLC (AES) collects information from our clients for the purpose of performing work requested by our clients. Customer information AES collects includes names, phone numbers, email addresses, physical addresses, electric utility account numbers, and employer identification numbers.

Only after execution of a mutually agreed upon contract will AES share the specific information described above with entities such as the State of Oregon, Energy Trust of Oregon, or our customers’ electric utility provider in order to secure incentives for our customers and complete the contracted work. Personal information as described above is stored in a password protected server available to the limited number of AES employees involved in the development of our customers’ projects.

AES may promote clients’ renewable energy projects via our website or other promotional media such as photographs in an advertisement. Use of photos of and details about renewable energy systems built by AES is described in our contracts in greater detail and may be negotiated according to individual customer needs.

AES does NOT request social security numbers or other sensitive personal information. If personal information unnecessary to project development is sent to AES in error we delete or shred the document and do not retain any record of it.