Autumn Seed Company Solar Project

Project Description

Installed in 2009, this roof-mounted solar installation featured 126 Sharp 216 Watt solar modules for a total installed capacity of 27,216 Watts using a PV Powered 30kW grid tied inverter. Installed at the Autumn Seed Company facility in Corvallis Oregon, the annual first year production is estimated at 28,854 kWh. This system is a net metered facility, and is designed to offset a portion of the electrical load at the Seed company.

Autumn Seed is the largest processor of domestically grown edible pumpkin and squash seed to food companies in the United States for more than 30 years.  We are the leader in product quality and use proprietary methods and equipment to provide the highest quality seeds possible.   Our quality standards for edible pumpkin and squash seed have become the nation’s standard in the confectionery industry.   While naturally occurring defects from Mother Nature, such as bitter or immature seed, are difficult to avoid, we are able to remove these seeds in our process, which separates us from other companies.

Project Details

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