345 Mill Offices – Eugene Oregon

Project Description

In August of 2006 Jeff and Victoria Wilson-Charles installed a 7.77 KW PV Power System on the roof of the 345 Mill Street Offices. The system is comprised of 42 Sharp 185 Watt Modules on a custom tilt rack system. The power is routed to (2) Xantrex GT 3.3 KW Inverters. These Inverters are connected via a sub-panel to a Green Tag Meter and the buildings (2) service panels.

This system is designed to generate 100% annually of the electricity consumed by the (2) businesses that occupy the building. The owners are able to achieve climate neutrality with the help of EWEBs Net Metering policy. The over production power is sold at retail rates during summer months. The credits accumulated are then used to offset winter power consumption.

In addition, the owners are constructing a sustainable designed Mixed Use building next door. This building will include a ground source heat pump, solar water heating, and photovoltaic modules.

Project Details

Client 345 Mill Offices
Skills Solar Electric

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