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Project Description

In the summer of 2004 a group of electrical engineers employed by Balzhiser Hubbard Engineers formed an LLC for the expressed purpose of acquiring and installing a unique and educational PV Test Facility in the Willamette Valley. Working with Eugene Water and Electric Board (EWEB) and the Oregon Department of Energy (ODE), Advanced Energy Systems (AES) helped to negotiate a 10 year feed-in contract with EWEB at 25 cents per KWh for the entire production of the PV test facility. In addition, low interest financing through the SELP program was instrumental in making this project a reality.

The 8 discrete systems are mounted universally on non-penetrating ballasted rack systems from Direct Power and Water, tilted at a 30 degree angle and arranged in a saw tooth configuration to minimize shading. The solar modules are held in place with a combination of their own weight and the ballast material. This method is preferred for commercial flat roof installations, whenever a concrete slab is installed under the existing roof and insulation materials.

The 8 discrete systems are each ~ 3KW small commercial systems, supplying 3 phase AC power to the grid. The majority of PV manufacturers are represented in this system, installed on top of the new B H Engineers building located at 13th and Olive St. in Eugene. Each 3 KW system utilizes a different module from either Kyocera, Sharp, Sanyo, Isofoton or BP. The system is designed so that either module to module, module to inverter, or inverter to inverter comparisons can be made. The information gathered by the monitoring system is a valuable educational resource that is available online (for comparisons click the live data link above, then click the Detail tab).

Project Partners:

Eugene Water and Electric Board
Oregon Department of Energy
Balzhiser Hubbard Engineers
M. R. Richards Engineering

Project Details

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