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Willamette University / Kaneko Commons

Project Description

In March of 2007 Willamette University Kaneko Commons installed a solar electric and a solar water heating system (SWH). AES worked closely with Cherry City Electric who permitted and installed the PV system for Willamette University. The solar electric system is comprised of 40 Sharp 170 watt modules and 24 Sharp 123 watt modules.

The solar PV modules serve a dual purpose. The modules act as sun shades during summer months on the south and west windows of the buildings. The modules also produce ~10 KW of solar power which reduces the buildings energy load. The power produced by the system is routed through (2) SMA Sunnyboy 1800 watt inverters and (2) SMA Sunnyboy 3800 watt inverters. These inverters are all combined in a three phase sub-panel before connecting to a dedicated breaker in the basement switchgear.

AES worked closely with J.R. Riedel of Gormley Plumbing and Heating who installed the SWH system. The Solar Water Heating (SWH) is of a closed lop design utilizing propylene glycol as the heat transfer fluid. The collector array is comprised of 10 SunEarth model EC-40 selective surface flat-plate collectors. Transfer to the potable water is made with a AIC double wall plate & frame heat exchanger sized to a 17 F LMTD under full sun conditions. Thermal storage is achieved with a 500 gallon glass lined ASME tank from Hanson. The system is controlled with a Goldline GL-30 differential temperature controller that directly operates both the potable & glycol side pumps.

AES donated a Fat Spaniel Live Web Based Monitoring System to the University as a good will gesture.

Project Partners:
Energy Trust of Oregon
Portland General Electric
Cherry City Electric
Kaneko Commons
Gormley Plumbing and Heating

Project Details

Client Willamette University / Kaneko Commons
Skills Solar Electric, Solar Water Heating System

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