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Sunny Hill Farms Solar Project

Project Description

Sunny Hill Farms Solar Project

Sunny Hill Farms of Portland installed an 11.52 KW photovoltaic system in March of 2006. The system is arranged in 2 large ground mounted arrays, comprised of (72) Sharp 160W Modules. There are 6 circuits of 12 Modules / Circuit. 3 Circuits supply a Fronius 5100 inverter, and the other 3 circuits supply a PV Powered 5200. There are 2 inverters total, connected with PV Powered software and Datacom, for web ready upload. The 6 circuits are combined at the rack in 2 fused combiners with 10A fuses before being routed in underground conduit to the exterior mounted inverters. An inverter Sub Panel combiner then feeds a 90A two Pole Breaker in one of the 200A service panels.

Project Partners:
Portland General Electric
Oregon Department of Energy
Energy Trust of Oregon
3 Phases Energy

Project Details

Client Sunny Hill Farms
Skills Solar Electric
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