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M & M Land and Cattle Company PV Project

Project Description

In July of 2007 Dan Neal of M & M land and Cattle installed a 12.2 KW Solar Electric System. The System features (64) Evergreen 190 watt polycrystalline modules, the modules are mounted on a flush mount Uni-Rac rail system that is connected to the underlying roof trusses with stainless steel hardware. There are 2 rows of 32 modules with a gap between the two rows to allow for rail expansion. The PV array is routed to (2) Sunny Boy 6000US watt inverters. The array is connected to an EWEB PV Generation Meter after the inverters before connecting to the utility.

The system is one of the first systems to take advantage of the new EWEB “Green Power” generation program. EWEB purchases all the power produced by the PV system at a rate of $.15/kWh (a typical EWEB customer is charged around $0.05/kWh) for a 10 year power purchase agreement. In return, EWEB claims the green credits from the energy production for this 10 year time period. EWEB then resells these Renewable Energy Credits (REC’s/Green Tags) to EWEB customers who elect to support the adoption of local renewable energy generation.

Project Partners:
Reynolds Electric
Oregon Department of Energy

Project Details

Client M & M Land and Cattle Company
Skills Solar Electric

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