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“Serving Oregon and California communities since 1978, we are leaders in expert design and installation for all phases of your electrical needs. Whether your project is for commercial, industrial, institutional or residential purposes, we can provide qualified and competitive services from the beginning to it’s successful end.”

In December of 2006 Kyle Electric installed a 24 KW Solar Electric System. The System features 132 Sharp 180 watt mono-crystalline modules. The modules are mounted on a flush mount Unirack system and attached to a standing seam metal roof. There are 4 rows of 33 modules. The PV arrays are routed to 4 separate disconnects before connecting with 4 SMA 6000 watt inverters.

The inverters are monitored via a web box that transmits the KW production to a web site (check back soon for a web link).

Project Partners:
Energy Trust of Oregon
Pacific Power
Kyle Electric

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Client Kyle Electric
Skills Solar Electric
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