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Project Description

In July of 2008 JMB Properties installed a combination photovoltaic and solar water heating system on their office in downtown salem. This installation uses 72 Sharp 142 Watt Modules, and 16 Sharp 72 Watt Modules, for a total of 11.376 KW of energy production. The DC power is fed into two SMA inverters and converted to AC power to be used in the building and fed into the grid when excess energy is produced.

Every year the system will produce approximently 12,960 kWh of electricity.* Over the estimated 35 year lifespan of the system, the energy produced will offset over 340 tons of CO2, 35,151 gallons of gasoline, or over 2 acres of forest preserved from deforestation.

Project Details

Client JMB Properties
Skills Solar Electric and Water Heating

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