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Applied Scientific Instrumentation (ASI) Solar Project

Project Description

Completed in the Summer of 2010, this unique combination solar electric installation consisted of a total 24.4kW of DC solar electric capacity was installed using roof integrated solar modules, and Bi-Facial modules on an awning shade structure attached to the building. This was a solar design incorporated into a newly constructed building, and provided Advanced Energy Systems with the opportunity to showcase the latest in solar technology including the SolarWize PV module system integrated on the new roof.

Applied Scientific Instrumentation is located off of Airport Road in Eugene, Oregon. Click Here to visit their website.
From ASI’s website:

“Whether it is a complete system for a complex biological experiment, automation devices for increasing throughput, or inspection systems to catch defects and increase production, Applied Scientific Instrumentation has the products, people, and partners to provide well-engineered solutions for you.”

Project Details

Client Applied Scientific Instrumentation (ASI) Skills Solar Electric

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