Home Solar

Many homeowners are installing roof top renewable energy systems to increase their home value by more than 4% & take advantage of the 30% Federal Tax Credit. Each PV system is uniquely designed for your home

Commercial Solar

Invest in the future of your business by going solar. Redirect money spent on taxes and utility bills into an asset for your biz, and consider installing chargers for your employees

Municipal Solar

AES stands as the leading installation expert for schools, parks, and government agencies across the Pacific Northwest. With more than two decades of experience, we have fostered close collaborations with local government.

Solar In Oregon

Does Solar Energy work in Oregon? What monetary incentives are available for solar energy system installations?

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Solar energy works in Oregon! The Willamette Valley receives about as much sunlight as the national average. Yes, it rains a lot in the winter, but the constant summer sun makes up for the rainy winters.

There are many incentives which help make solar energy affordable to the end-user. The federal government offers the 30% Investment Tax Credit to both residential and commercial system owners.
Many electric utilities in Oregon also offer cash payment incentives, or will pay for electricity generated.

See this US Department of Energy website for more information: http://www.dsireusa.org/

Return on Investment

Does solar energy pay for itself? How long does a solar energy system take to pay for itself?

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Solar energy systems installed in Oregon pay for themselves over time. There are many variables which influence the amount of time it takes for a solar energy system to pay for itself, including available government and utility incentives, the cost and forecasted cost increases of utility-supplied electricity, the type of installation and related cost, and financing mechanisms used to pay for the installation.

Payback periods will vary, but typical payback periods generally range from just 2 to 12 years.

Grid Outage

Will my solar energy system work when there is an electric grid outage?

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Unfortunately, a grid-tied solar electric system will not power your home when the utility grid is experiencing a failure. Inverters have a mechanism which shuts down the PV system when they do not
sense utility-supplied electricity. This safety mechanism is in place to protect electric utility line workers.

If the line workers assume that the lines they are working on have no power, a nearby solar electric system producing electricity could deliver a potentially lethal shock. Most utilities require a utility
disconnect for PV systems. The system will be disconnected before line workers work in the area, which serves as an additional safety precaution.

Solar Warranty

How long does a solar energy system continue to operate? What is the warranty?

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Solar electric systems are expected to last 35 years, but may last longer depending upon the quality of the solar electric modules. Over time certain materials in a PV module degrade, such as the back sheet and encapsulate seal. While the silicon cells would last indefinitely, eventually moisture
penetration corrodes the electrical connections, reducing the power output of the module. For this reason, AES recommends using high-quality PV modules, which we specify by default for all of our installations.

Solar electric systems require an inverter to convert the DC electricity they produce into AC electricity, such as AC electricity supplied by an electric utility. Inverters may need fine-tuning from time to time,
particularly in the first year of operation. After the first year of operation, an inverter should function without interruption for 10 to 20 years. It is likely that the PV modules may outlive the inverter, and a new inverter may need to be installed after approximately 15 years of system operation. Some inverters carry warranties of up to 25 years. Many inverter manufacturers offer extended warranty options.

Solar thermal (water heating) systems may operate indefinitely, provided that regular minimal maintenance procedures are followed.

Solar Install Costs

Is the price of solar energy falling? Should I wait until prices hit the bottom before I buy a system?

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The price of solar electric modules in particular has dropped a great deal in the past few years. Prices are beginning to stabilize, but may drop a little lower still. However, incentives for solar electric
systems in Oregon are also changing. As the prices for PV components drop, the incentives offered by the government and utility companies are being reduced.

Again, there are many variables which affect PV system payback. Our advice: The best time to install a solar energy system is now!

Questions for AES

Do you have more questions?

Is your roof playing solar hide-and-seek? At AES, we assure you, there’s no such thing as a ‘dumb’ solar question. Feel free to drop us a line cool

Based on 38 reviews
Robert Champer
Robert Champer
October 9, 2023
We recently had AES design and install a 13.6 kW system on our home. Their team was top drawer all the way! We have been thrilled with the performance of the system, which we have monitored daily using the Enphase app. If you want solar, go with Advanced Energy Systems!
Will Price
Will Price
October 5, 2023
Great experience with exceptional people.
Aaron Millis
Aaron Millis
August 24, 2023
Very seamless and upfront process. Payments for the install are upfront and simple to understand. The install team also was very professional and did top notch work. We didn't really loose any space in the garage, despite AES installing some significant electrical infrastructure. Also, the solar panels are lined up perfectly on the roof and the team was able to take an on-site request to leave me a walk-way for future cleaning [of the panels], which was super helpful. All and all we are very please. When they turned the panels on, the utility bill went to half of what it is normally, but that was middle-ish of the month. Can't wait to see what a full month of production does.
Kayl Enders
Kayl Enders
May 11, 2023
If you as a customer are planning to go solar, then you MUST consider going with a local solar company that has been in business for many years and will continue to be in business. Solar is a major investment and you need to ensure the team will be around to conduct any repairs or honor their warranty. Although AES is not the cheapest solar company, you will most likely get the best value and you can rest assured that AES will most likely be around for the lifetime of your system. Don't make the mistake of going with a fly-by-night solar outfit because of your quote. I truly love Eric, and his team. He is a wealth of information on solar and one of few people in the state that has a real proven track record. There is no bigger authority figure in Oregon. Just look at his projects on his website where AES has conducted the biggest solar installs in the State for ODOT, Kettle, universities, corporations, etc.
Dan Dingfield
Dan Dingfield
May 8, 2023
From the outset, AES was a professional, reliable enterprise. They provided complete services for our solar installation, from concept through design then construction and initiation, and there was never a hitch. They were on time, on budget, and very helpful along the way. It couldn't have been easier.
Willy Hart
Willy Hart
March 24, 2023
Good communication on equipment order status and problem -solving issues during installation. Very pleased with design, product and installation.
Toni Brown
Toni Brown
December 20, 2022
If you are interested in adding solar to your home, do yourself a favor and call AES. My system is now up and running with 27 panels on the roof and 2 backup batteries in case of power outages. The AES team was wonderful to work with; they are professional, friendly, good communicators and very focused on the work that they do. It was a pleasure to have them here and I couldn't be more pleased with my system.
Gary Kellis
Gary Kellis
November 16, 2022
The people at AES are courteous and conscientious. They coordinated with the utility and customer. I would recommend them for any PV design and installation. Gary K. (retired I.B.E.W.)
Mark Roosa
Mark Roosa
November 13, 2022
We could not be more pleased with our AES solar system. Installation went quickly and everyone on the crew that we met was professional, friendly and helpful. would recommend them to anyone considering a solar system.
Len Seligman
Len Seligman
September 30, 2022
I had a very positive experience with our residential solar installation from AES. The team was very polite, efficient, and they cleaned up nicely after themselves. Everything was explained clearly and there were no problems. All in all, a great experience.

Emerald Peoples Utility District Completes Community Solar Project with Advanced Energy Systems

As a community-based electrical utility, born in the 1970’s, EPUD has long been a forward looking organization. Beginning in January 2017, Utility customers will can take part in a pioneering new community solar program, Sharing the Sun, (http://www.epud.org/my-account/sharing-sun/). Fashioned for utility customers wanting to invest in, and benefit from, renewable solar energy, subscriptions are now open. There are also available a limited number of ‘solar scholarships’ open to qualifying low-income customers of EPUD. Advanced Energy Systems is proud to have been selected as the prime contractor (assisted by Energy Design) for the design and construction of the Utility’s community solar array. We have built many solar installations for home and business owners in the EPUD service territory. For those whose property does not lend itself for a solar facility, or wish to make only an incremental investment into solar energy, you now have the possibility to go solar, via the Sharing Sun program!