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Pay-for-production solar incentive proving viable in Oregon

A two-year report on the pilot program launched in 2010 to create a solar incentive where utilities pay panel owners for the power they generate indicates that the program is viable and coexists well with other available incentives for homeowners and businesses looking to go solar.

The "volumetric incentive rates" program — known colloquially at a feed-in tariff though program differences prevent it from technically being one — was established by the Oregon Legislature in 2009 and is available on a limited basis to customers of Portland General Electric, PacifiCorp (which does utility business as Pacific Power) and Idaho Power.

Oregon Feed In Tariff Results

The two-year report produced by the Oregon Public Utilities Commission for the Legislature (available here) found that the pay-for-production incentive program is on track to install 25 megawatts of solar energy in the region by March 2015.

Currently the program requires participating utilities to pay around 30 or 40 cents per kilowatt hour of solar energy generated by registered solar arrays, depending on the solar project's size.

Jon Crider, senior power cost analyst for the PUC and author of the report, said the pay-for-production incentive offers an alternative to the combination of tax breaks and Energy Trust of Oregon incentives available for solar installation.

"There's a lot of pent up demand for solar," Crider said. "These are slightly different incentive programs and one or the other will make sense depending on the project."

Crider's research found that the pay-for-generation incentive hasn't affected the use of other incentives.

A report released in July by Environment Oregon found that Oregon should be able to get 10 percent of its energy needs met by solar power.

Original article in Sustainable Business Oregon.

Advanced Energy Systems Passes Nine Megawatt Milestone

12/4/2012 - Eugene, Oregon

Advanced Energy Systems, LLC., one of Oregon's largest and most experienced solar contractors recently passed the cumulative milestone of 9 Megawatts of installed solar energy systems in Oregon. Since 2002, Advanced Energy Systems, LLC. (AES) has been designing, and installing both solar electric, and solar thermal systems. Specializing in medium scale commercial installations, AES has such notable projects as the Oregon Solar Highway, Industrial Finishes, Kendall Toyota, and Oregon State University (thermal). In total AES has installed over 200 separate projects totaling over nine Megawatts of installed capacity at locations all over Oregon, including ground-mounted, roof-mounted,  and carport mounted arrays. 

About AES: A privately held local family owned installation and design company with over ten years of experience. AES employs it's own electricians, racking labor, design staff and project management staff. AES is known throughout the industry in Oregon for very high quality installations, with great attention to detail. For more information about Advanced Energy Systems, LLC. call (541) 683-2345.

The Baldock Solar Project under construction.

Completed 1.75MW Array. 

AES wins "Array of the Week" from Enphase

The Shaggy Dog project, both phase one, and phase two were featured on the Enphase Enlighten website as the "Array of the Week". Read the article by Clicking Here.
AES is an innovator in commercial solar installations, and AES is adopting the Enphase Micro-Inverter technology in commercial projects.

Install photos of GloryBee Foods PV Project

Advanced Energy Systems (AES) is in the process of installing a 24kW Solar PV system at the GloryBee Foods facility in West Eugene, Oregon. AES is the designer and installer of this system which features SolarWorld 230W modules.
Click Here for photos.

Baldock Solar Station: Renewable Energy in Oregon | PGE

Advanced Energy Systems is proud to have been a major part of this installation along with Haticon Solar, Christensen Electric and Sunstall.

Second Oregon School gets Solar

8-7-2012 - Another new Primary School in the West Linn Oregon school district is getting solar installed by Advanced Energy Systems. The Lowrie Primary School, newly constructed along with the Trillium Primary School will both feature similar 24kW Solar Arrays installed by AES. The systems will feature SolarWorld modules, and SMA inverters. Advanced Energy Systems was awarded the projects as the result of a competitive bidding process.

New Oregon Primary School gets Solar from AES

8-7-2012 - Finishing touches and final inspections are being performed on a new 24kW Solar Array at the newly constructed Trillium Creek Primary School located in the West Linn - Wilsonville School District located south of Portland, Oregon in the Willamette Valley. Advanced Energy Systems was awarded the project to install solar panels on a covered walkway area. This project features the installation of SolarWorld 235W modules, and SMA inverters. 

"Oregon should get 10% of it's power from Solar"

A recent article posted on the Sustainable Oregon Business website;Solar power advocates issued a rallying cry Monday with the release of a report by citizen-based nonprofit Environment Oregon, which found that rooftop solar could generate 10 percent of Oregon’s electricity use by 2025.The report (available for viewing here) listed key recommendations to reach the 10 percent goal, and had support from at least one legislator — Oregon Rep. Jules Bailey, D-Portland — who announced plans to expand the state’s Clean Contracts system in the next legislative session.Flanked by Bailey and by renewable energy advocates, Environment Oregon’s state director Sarah Higgenbotham said the state could feasibly develop almost 30 percent of its rooftop potential in the next 13 years, enough to power the homes in the city of Portland. She also noted solar farms on vacant land could bring another 10 percent of Oregon’s electricity supply, and that solar water-heating systems could reduce the state’s water heating needs by 6 percent.Higginbotham laid out a series of polices Oregon should enact to accelerate solar development, including carving out a portion of the 25 percent renewable portfolio standard (the state is aiming for 25 percent of its energy output coming from renewable energy by 2025) and earmarking it specifically for solar energy, or by extending the state’s feed-in tariff program.

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Recent Solar Oregon Article: Recent Trends in Oregon's Solar Mar

An article describing the recent trends in Oregon's Solar market was recently published on the Solar Oregon website. Authored by Kacia Brockman, a Solar Oregon board member, the article gives a brief historical perspective of the recent development of solar in Oregon. Included in the article is a mention of the Baldock Solar project, of which Advanced Energy Systems is very proud to be a part of. To read the complete article, please Click Here.

Fears of Trade War with China Accompany Solar Panel Tariffs

From Fox News Online June 4, 2012. The Obama administration, still smarting from controversial investments in solar power firms like the now bankrupt Solyndra, has sparked fears of a trade war between the U.S. and China, as the Commerce Department signals it will likely slap a 31 percent tariff on all solar panel imports from China.

While some, frustrated by the high U.S. unemployment, want punishment doled out to China, others say protectionism only hurts the consumers who are forced to pay more.

Such a tariff has been pushed by companies that manufacture solar panels in the U.S., including Solar World, which has a plant in Hillsboro, Ore. 

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Imagine Group Solar Project is Complete!

1/11/2012 - The Imagine Group of Eugene, Oregon is garnering publicity for the 30 kW solar system just installed by Advanced Energy Systems. Click Here to view a local news article about the project, including video.